Send Matic from Ethereum Net to Matic Network does not work


i have some 50$ on Polygon and i try to get them back to my Ethereum Network in Metamask. I dont have Matic on Matic Network but on Ethereum Network.

So in result i would like to get my 50$ back to Ether Network. Like i understood i need Matic Tokens on Matic Network to pproceed that but if i use the Polygon Bridge, Metamask always just show me a 0 amount + gas fee. So if i do this transaction i would pay gas fee for nothing.

Anyone an idea how to solve it? Or had same issues?

I can not get my Ether back to Ethereum Network either i can transfer Matic to Polygon.

Appreciating your help

It shows a 0 amount because you are not buying anything, it is bridging your coins from one network to the other. But there is a transaction fee for that, that is why you pay the gas fees. It is the normal way the bridge works.

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thanks @cbayschm …makes sense…i wil figure it out after RPC problems on Polygon are solved

*Update thanks @cbayschm you are right