Did not receive my Matic

I sent some Matic to Metamask mainnet network after i added it to the mm wallet almost 2 hours ago and they are still missing.
Did i do something wrong?
Etherscan shows everything is in order


Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, where are you looking for your MATIC? in the MATIC Network or the Ethereum Network, because your transferred in ERC20 Ethereum Network, so your MATIC are there, not in MATIC network.

How do i do that? I have some matic there i used that address.

And how do i get access to them? Did i fuck up? Are they lost?

Ow shit , i got it. Thanks :blush:

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If you want your MATIC in Polygon you will have to use a Bridge, you cannot just transfer, since transfers are done over the same network and here you want to change networks. You can use the Polygon Bridge:

Please take into account that you will need to pay a transaction fee in ETH for transferring the MATIC through the bridge, so you need to have some ETH in your wallet.
Also take into account that the process can take up to or more than 3 hours, so be patient.

Hi! same thing happened to me, I guess? I used orbit to transfer my bnb to matic. The bscscan shows that the transaction succeeded. But it was not reflected in my metamask wallet in the Matic mainnet network or any network. What can I do? Please help!

@SsecMavis Welcome to MetaMask. It sounds like the funds are still on the Binance network. Are you able to see these BNB in the account while on Binance network?

Hi! Thank you for your response. I’ve already resolved the issue. It was sti in the pBNB currency. I have used the quickswao and I successfully swapped the pBNB to MATIC.