Sent matic from to MetaMask -polygon network still pending

Hello, I Sent matic from binance US (selected polygon network) to MetaMask using the QR code on my MetaMask -polygon network still pending on binance and shows 0 out 128 confirmations.

Address 0x038D9bf62DC01Fb6e3855e AFBOcB85F7DB678DAA
From QR code in MetaMask wallet (chrome extension)

TxID Oxd1180ab2f9d6d9c3830c3afb02457ece86c6e9963f7bcec03f0f85ecc4a276cb

Network MATIC

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Address was from the QR code in my MetaMask. I believe the issue is when I selected “polygon” instead of erc20?

Thank you my friend, Is that something I can do to reverse the transaction or would it have to be done by Binance?

Thank you,

Not finding the transaction hash or wallet address you posted.
Tried from the ones in the pic, but doing it without copy/paste is difficult, and I’m kinda terrible at it.

From what I see on the pic and your post, the transaction is still pending.

Here’s some extra info on transaction fees: What is gas? Why do transactions take so long? - #4 by sguthrie

In general, blockchain transactions cant be reversed. Telling you they can be, then trying to get your Secret Recovery Phrase, is a typical scammers tactic.

Thank you. I’ll wait to hear back from Binance.

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Hi Jasen, are you solve the problem? You must see if the networks are the same, ERC20 and BIP20. Some times people sen ERC20 to BIP20 or viceversa.
Other solution is send a little quantity of money again to the same address, pay a little more of fees and arrives the funds, sometimes work.

Jorge, thank you for the reply. I believe it was erc20 matic that I attempted to send to the network “polygon” and appears to be still pending with 0/128 confirmations. I’m waiting to hear back from Binance to see if they can cancel the stuck transaction.

Thank you and stay well.

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Issue resolved itself. Transaction failed. Thank you all for the input.

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