Sent Matic on Matic Network To ETH Network. Help Please!


I made a big mistake and sent Matic tokens from my MetaMask wallet on the Matic network to my Celsius wallet on the Ethereum network. I have obviously not received the Matic tokens.

I have reached out to Matic, MetaMask and Celsius support as well for assistance in trying to recover the Matic tokens sent.

I am wondering if anyone knows how to recover these tokens?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Hello, provide the TXHash of the transaction


Tx hash is 0x89a0ea30936ef8fcde27a63534b43c827dfeeca0d399dda73ba681685ec470f6

Thank you.

Kindly hold on as we run a check on your account.

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@TCS85 contact Celsius support :upside_down_face: only they will help you.


Hi there, I have done the same mistake!
Did you managed to get you tokens back?

Hi there, I have done the same mistake, can you help?

Sorry to hear that.
I haven not received my tokens back yet. However, I am working with Celsius and MetaMask support. Both are being very helpful but it’s a complicated situation to fix so I just have to be patient.

Will update this thread if/when I receive the Matic tokens back.

Ok, I see. I have contacted Celsius too, waiting to hear from them. There is hope from what I am hearing from you, so I am glad. Thank you for your reply.

Welcome to the club guys. I have yet to receive further reply from Celsius for more than 1 month already. Waiting with much hopes…

Hi just wondering if anyone ended up with a result MATIC transfer via wrong Network? As I’ve just made a very similar mistake. Sent Binance MATIC via MATIC Network to my Coinjar Wallet address, which apparently only accepts MATIC via ETH or ERC20 network. So I can see my funds sitting in my same address, but on a different network.

Really just want to know if I have now lost it? If not how to recover it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Coinjar only can assist you as they hold the private keys. The only way is to enable native network support on their side.


I sent Matic from Binance to Metamask and I used the Matic network. Nothing arrived. Then I added the Matic Network to my Metamask wallet, Google: Setting up Metamask for Polygon (Matic Network) and use the top link from the medium dot com page.

With that new network I can see the matic I sent! :slight_smile: . Maybe it will work for you?

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FML got the same issue, you can swap them for ETH and then send ETH to the Matic network but it cost like $150 GAS FEE… someone can help us?

can you run me through how to import the wallet, also wouldn’t you need the private key to this wallet?

i have done the same mistake! but not in Celsius . i did it on nexo

i sent usdt with metamask wallet Bsc network to my nexo wallet on the Etherium network. but didn’t receive it in nexo wallet . I’ve contacted nexo service. but they couldn’t return my assets. if it’s like this is there still hope to be returned

how to solve this problem guys? help me