Matic missing after bsc-polygon-bridge

Hello all! I tried to use bsc-polygon-bridge dot com to move my MATIC from bsc network to matic network in my wallet. BSCscan shows status success, but I can not see my MATIC in matic wallet nor eth wallet and it has been successfully deducted from smart chain wallet so now it is missing. I have matic contract imported in my wallets so that is not problem, I see only previous amount of matic there.

Thank you for any help guys!


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Hey @tom2, it looks like your MATIC was transferred from your wallet address to address 0xbcaaF61124DFbc47143FF9961eC02Dea15CBa846. Do you recognize this address? If not, it may be that you have used a scam website.


Thanks. Yeah it is a scam. Lesson learned. Always DYOR guys.