I somehow have WETH in my MetaMask account but want it to go back to ETH

I thought i was making a transaction using my ETH but seem to have converted it to WETH and it now appears in my MetaMask wallet under the Matic network. How can I get it back to ETH in the normal location (eth network) ??

New to this… not sure what I’m doing… any help would be greatly appreciated!

you need to use a Bridge to send from the Matic Network to the Ethereum Network. You can use this bridge:

You need to connect your Metamask wallet using the Matic Mainnet and then you should see your WETH and send to the ETH network.

Take into account this will take 3 hours or more to complete. So have patience and grab a cup of coffee :smiley:


Thanks for your help!
I started doing that and it was looking good.
Then when I went to confirm the transfer it was saying i didn’t have funds for the gas fee, but i do. Not sure if it’s because of the different network? I tried to copy the screenshot here but it won’t allow it.

Remember the transaction fee is in MATIC, not ETH, so you need to have some MATIC in your wallet.

Ok, thanks.
I don’t have MATIC, only WETH & ETH.
So i have to buy some MATIC? What’s the best way to do that?
Thanks for your help on this - I’m learning!

Don’t use that site in the picture. I think it’s a scam. I lost all my weth, it got transferred to another wallet (not mine).

that is the official Matic bridge, not a scam, I have used it many times to send Ethereum and Matic to and from Polygon network.

Could you please send the transaction hash from your Bridge transaction so we can check what the issue was??

Please remember the Bridging process is a 2 step process where the WETH is sent to the Bridge Address on POLYGON side and then on the ETH is deposited to your wallet on Ethereum side, so it could be you are only seeing the first transaction and not the second. The deposit to your wallet can take 2-3 hours, so maybe it was just that??

Hello. I’m having an issue related to this. I tried to bridge some weth to eth, i payed the gas fees in matic for the way out and the transaction is complete but since i didn’t had any eth for the gas in i think that’s why My eth doesn’t show in My ethereum network. The eth/weth are nowhere to be seen in My wallet and i want to know if by buying eth enough to cover the gas for the bridge in My funds Will finally Transfer or if i have already Lost those eth/weth?