Please help. Matic stuck in Eth manniet

I’m new to Metamask and have added Matic network and transfered some matic to wallet. I have made 2 transfers but for some reason, first Matic transfer came in as ETH in ETH manniet. Second transfer was also Matic and this time, it came in as MATIC in ETH manniet. I cannot use the MATIC as it is not in MATIC manniet. Is there something I’ve missed?

  1. Transfered MATIC twice to wallet.
  2. First transfer came in as ETH in ETH manniet.
  3. Second transfer came in as MATIC but it is in ETH manniet.
  4. Cannot use MATIC since it is not in POLYGON manniet.

As I was trying to figure out, i learned of bridge and tried to convert MATIC in ETH manniet to ETH just so that I could at least use it. However the gas fee is way too expensive. Any help or adivce would be great.

When sending coins, choose the correct network to send to that network.

Hey @Qkrflsh1998, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

To move your MATIC on Ethereum mainnet to Polygon, you can use a bridge to transfer from network to network. Gas fees can be very high at times and volatile, so I would suggest you wait for a time when gas fees are low if you do not need to immediately do the transaction.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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