How can I transfer MATIC from Ethereum network to MATIC network on my Metamask Wallet


I transfered MATIC from Coinbase to Metamask, at the beginning I was freaked out because I was not able to see my MATIC then in my account I switched to the Etherum network and then I was able to see my MATIC but it is not in my MATIC address under the Matic network, it is located in the Etherum network, why?
and, I checked both Matic addresses (in etherum and matic network) and are the same.

Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advanced,

@mart777 have you imported matic contract address into your Metamask?

Hi @mart777 you need a Polygon bridge :point_down:
watch some videos on youtube


Thanks for sharing the video

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yes, I sent Matic from Coinbase to my metamask matic address

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