Having trouble with a bridge from Weth to ETh

Hello. I’m having an issue related to a bridge. I tried to bridge some weth to eth, i payed the gas fees in matic for the way out and the transaction is complete but since i didn’t had any eth for the gas in i think that’s why My eth doesn’t show in My ethereum network. The eth/weth are nowhere to be seen in My wallet and i want to know if by buying eth enough to cover the gas for the bridge in My funds Will finally Transfer or if i have already Lost those eth/weth?

Thanks a Lot, i’m fairly new at this. One more question. Backend from where? Metamask? Where i made the bridge? Or Opensea where my funds initially were?


as far as I researched you don’t need Eth on the in side (ETH Mainnet) in order to complete the transaction.
It should work with just enough Matic on the out / polygon side.

Since I am planning to move eth from eth mainnet to weth on Polygon Mainnet too I would like to know if your problem was solved meanwhile.

Good luck.