WETH/Matic totally lost

I experiemnted with mining on ethermine and they introduced matic payments after the june crash.

I had 0.08 eth and managed to follow their guidlines. ended up with a matic mainnet in my metamask extension and then after following instructions with 0.07 WETH in it. I can’t do anything with the Weth and there is so much stuff to read i just havent got a clue.

to compound the issue i have another 0.08 eth in the matic wallet but i dont want to move it as i havent got a clue where it goes or how to get it to my mainnet wallet.

it tells me it wants 170 dollars of gas to use polygon bridge or something for 26 dollars of eth.

i know now why i left metamask immediately and stopped using ethermine.

Can any one help me

  1. get the weth from my matic mainnet to anywhere usable
  2. get the matic payout to my ethereum mainnet not the matic mainnet~???

my heads gonna explode.

Metamask is not your problem.

You are using two different chains.

You are assuming that WETH on Matic is unusable, that is incorrect. You can use it. You can also send it to the Ethereum chain if you choose. If you do that you need to pay gas, and yes right now gas fees are very high.

I would say, just leave your WETH on Matic. What are you wanting to do with it on Ethereum? Odds are you can do similar or same on Matic…

I am not sure why i ended up with the matic chain. The tutorial was supposed to get mined eth into my metamask wallet. metamask is definitely not the problem my brain is lol…i should rephrase my desire for simplicity is shy i stopped using metamask.

Ideally i want to do 2 things.

  1. Unwrap that Weth and swap it possibly
  2. remove the 0.008 eth from the Polygon wallet to one of my other wallets. (coinbase/nicehash/celscius)

i like to learn but having time is the problem, hence why i moved to more simplistic systems

Thank You