How can I convert WETH to ETH

Hi guys! Need help, please. How can I convert my token in WETH to any crypto.


you can use a swap to do this

It says I can’t do it because I can’t pay the gas
Are there any other ways?

what chain do your token on ?

I have 0.126 WETH from the sale on opensea. They are under the matic which I have zero.
I have zero other crypto, too.
How can I get this token into a currency?

you need to use some matic for zhe gas fee .
You can transfer a small amount from the exchange, or find a friend to buy some. This is the only coin on the Polygon chain that can pay for gas.

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Thank you so much! the last what I ask - how to do better.
I have a friend who has some eth. he needs to first transfer the amount to the matic and then send it to me, or he can send eth and I transfer it by myself?
How much would I need roughly?

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You don’t have MATIC right now, so you can’t do any transactions on the polygon chain yourself.
It mainly depends on what chain your friend’s eth is on. What you need must be MATIC on the polygon chain.

The fee for one transaction is approximately 0.00527 MATIC.
How many you need depends on the number of times you plan to trade. Or at the end you will send the token back to the exchange for a transaction fee too.

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