Matic not received from metamask to binance

I sent matic from metamask red polygon to my binance wallet (image of addresses) and I have not received anything, I have verified the transaction and this appears (image). how can I solve it?

Hello, are you sending matic in polygon chain?

Yes i used polygon chain in the transaction

Please provide the transaction hash and I’ll check it for you


Thx :pray:t2:

It seems that you transferred matic to the contract address of matic, not to your exchange address. The coin is lost

I thinkt it’s impossible because i repeat the same process after the first one transaction to check that it’s correct and the 2 after transaction works well… but okay, thanks for ur help. It not possible to send the images to anywhere to try to recover it?

I have carefully checked your transfer, which makes me wonder why the to contract address is displayed if it is only a transfer. I see that you have successfully transferred to your exchange address in this way before, so can you tell me the specific steps of your transfer?

Hi @AHM95 unfortunately as noted by @Tksly , provided by your transaction hash that transaction was made to a contract address not on Binance address that’s why it never showed in Binance wallet.

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Im sure that I used my binance address idk how it was changed :frowning: , but thanks for help, appreciate it


However, your transfer is very strange. According to your previous records, you did successfully turn a 50matic, but the same method you used to turn 60matic disappeared the day before. I don’t know if it’s the problem of polygon node. You can wait a few days to see. In addition, do you transfer out directly from metamask?

Okay thanks I hope to get lucky, yes transfer out directly from metamask

I put a ticket on binance and they said: Error with the transaction. Contact the withdrawal platform for further assistance.

Because your order looks like a contract transfer, all exchanges do not support contract transfer, so it is likely to have been lost

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