Send Spore ERC20 to Trust BEP20

So here I am, googled alot of hours but can’t do this on my own. Need help of a specialist!

I transfered Spore tokens from Metamask ERC20 to my Trust wallet BEP20 and well I didn’t received them.

It’s on a AVAX network


All the adresses are correct so that’s not the problem.

Can i get them back and how?

Thanks. Vincent

Hi Vincent this will not be easy

First: dont contact Supportteam :roll_eyes: he’s a bad boy :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to find the private keys :slightly_smiling_face: Trust Wallet
Remember: NEVER give your seed phrase to anyone for any reason.

Read this :point_up_2: or search where do I find Trust Wallet private keys

Impoort the key to the Metamask :point_down:

You mean is not legit? It’s Phishing email? They contacted me but gave them nothing.

I Launched the Bip39 tool. i got like not 1 key but like maby 100+

What to do? Do i need to add them all?

Trust wallet is Etherum right? So i send Spore erc20 to trust wallet bep20?

I don’t know what to do.

I added a few private keys. On the Smart chain I see a few BNB tokens, but on the avalanche network I don’t see my tokens on the address.

NO NO metamask@securetechsupport… is not Metamask :fox_face: support email :bangbang:

Next idea :slightly_smiling_face: create Avalanche Wallet :point_right:
and import your private key + add Spore token

Hi Luigi,

Thanks for helping out! It aint working… I’m getting an error: Invalid Private Key

And when I try to add the Spore token, he fills in automatically the rest of the data(symbol en decimals) then I added it but i can’t see the token.

SPORE is on AVAX is neither ECR20 nor BEP20! However if you bought on pancakge swap then it’s BEP20 and shouldn’t be an issue, but I suspect you just transfered SPORE from AVAX without using bridge. I know SPORE has BSC > AVAX bridge as I’m also holder. Trust Wallet don’t yet support AVAX echo system, however there’s proposal for listiong Avalance on Trust wallet - Here’s the link: Proposal Trust Wallet

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Hello guys! Any update on this issue?? I am facing the same issue. Transfers my Spore coins from Metamask(Avalanche C-Chain) to Trust wallet(BEP 20). Still yet to receive. May i know what can i do to retrieved my coins back?? Already contacted Metamask support. Thanks in advanced!

This was my fix.


You can’t directly send an ARC20 Avalanchetoken to BEP20 BSC, contracts aren’t compatible between them.
You have to use a bridge => Spore Finance has one on their site.

According to the transaction check, your Spore tokens are on this addrress " 0xEDe336ea4eC841f602Fd8DB5788CF82C5909dcF1 " on C chain ( Avalanche )

I guess it is your BSC address.

If you have the 24 words seeds of this account, import them in Metamask if not yet done.

Add Avalanche C chain RPC for this address " 0xEDe336ea4eC841f602Fd8DB5788CF82C5909dcF1 ".

Add the spore contract token ( Avalanche one ) and you will find them :slight_smile:


Hi vdm,

Thank you so much!! Managed to trace and recover back my coins with your help. Really appreciate it. Will be more careful next time during my transaction. Especially when it involves multiple network. Thanks again (:smile:

More than welcome man!