Transfer from TrustWallet to Metamask. Money dissapeared


I had money in Trustwallet account and to ease all transactions I wanted to send them to MetaMask. Transaction was succesful but money never came to my MetaMask wallet.

I did sent USDT that seems to be BEP20 network stablecoin.
Recieving wallet in MetaMask was Etherium that is ERC20.

I assume this is the issue. BEP20 coin entering to ERC20 wallet. Not possible I assume?
(I understand now that I should have swap the bep20 to any erc20 coin in Trustwallet before sending them to MetaMask).

How can I cancel the transfer and get money back in Trustwallet OR to be seen in MetaMask.
I hope funds have not dissapeared in bit space!

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Hi. You need to add the BEP20 network (BNB Mainnet, or formerly known BSC network) and to import the contract address of the USDT token on the BNB network, once you added it successfully. Then you will be able to see it, that’s how MetaMask works. And blockchains in general.


Hello. Much appreciate your help till this point. So now I have managed to add BNB network to my MetaMask.
But I dont get your sentence
“import the contract address of the USDT token on the BNB network, once you added it successfully.”
What do you mean with this?
I can see my USDT address in Trust Wallet account that I did send the funds from BUT how and where do I add this address in MetaMask (if this is what you ment?).
In MetaMask I have just “smart chain” network. 0$ in it and buttons Recieve, Buy, Send, Swap.
If I click Recieve I can just see QR code and buttons “Buy BNB” and “Request Payment”.
If I click request payment it just asks how much and is ready to send the link to “my friend” so I dont think this is it.

Please read the last 2 articles i shared, in their entirety. Answers are there. You learn in this way how you add tokens to a wallet, such as MetaMask.


Thanks for your help. I did solve the issue myself now. This information below for peoples with same problem in future.

Any of the help topics above did not mention that USDT has different Token Address in different networks.
My fault was that after installing BNB network to MetaMask I did try to add custom token (USDT) with Etherium networks token address.
I did found out from CoinGecko that same Token has different address in different networks. So now after I found USDT:s address to BNB network tokens appeared to my wallet.


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