Send Wrong Token(BEP-20 USDT) to MetaMark ETH

Hi Folks,

I made a mistake. I sent BEP20 USDT from Trust Wallet account to MetaMask account. Now trxn shows success in Binanace blockchain, but did not receive in MetaMask wallet.
I check Binance Block chain and found my trxn is stuck in there.
I tried to recover funds, but could not do it. Could someone please help me ? I would be highly appreciated for your help and generosity.

I added Binance Network to Metamask wallet and then when i was trying to add Token ( USDT) , it shows Token Decimal = 0 and never allows to add 18

I am now in rabbit hole, please help me to recover my funds

Hi @deepaknayak83 open
and click on fox :fox_face: Binance Smart Chain