Transaction issue. Help?

Hi. I transfered some usdt from binance to metamask. No cash for 2 week. Tx success. Wtf???

Today I tried to teleport tlm from alienworlds to metamask. Same sh… Support didn’t answered me to email. Little bit disappointed about this service. Can u help me?


Hi Kir.od you use BEP20 or ERC20 for withdrawal USDT?

Bep20 for usdt.
Teleport duno,it was auto

You added Binance Smart Chain?

Similar problem is here:

Try add contract address: 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955

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Bsc was added. Usdt token too.

Some operations with bnb was succes and I got my cash to metamask.

Tlm token was added. I use metamask swap, got some tlm and teleport them to alienworlds. That was succes. Now I decide to teleport some tlm to metamask and …nothing.

Wow. I just added that address and everything is ok. Usdt token at metamask preset wrong or what?

Anyway,ty man) now it’s only problem with tlm

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I got my tlm. Ty one more time) gl

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Same story.
I have successfully had a test transaction - more than two weeks back.
Then application failed, during this gap I was about to receive the funds.
Now both of them are in the buffer with the inactive button “receive”.
I formally have zero balance and can do nothing with that.
Today I re-installed metamask - and here it is: NO TRANSACTIONS in the history. Promised 7 days of support - no answer, funds are LITERALLY disappearing - now no funds in the wallet and empty transaction history. Brilliant, major ETH-interface behaves like a scam!!!