Transaction issue. Help?

Hi. I transfered some usdt from binance to metamask. No cash for 2 week. Tx success. Wtf???

Today I tried to teleport tlm from alienworlds to metamask. Same sh… Support didn’t answered me to email. Little bit disappointed about this service. Can u help me?


Hi Kir.od you use BEP20 or ERC20 for withdrawal USDT?

Bep20 for usdt.
Teleport duno,it was auto

You added Binance Smart Chain?

Similar problem is here:

Try add contract address: 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955

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Bsc was added. Usdt token too.

Some operations with bnb was succes and I got my cash to metamask.

Tlm token was added. I use metamask swap, got some tlm and teleport them to alienworlds. That was succes. Now I decide to teleport some tlm to metamask and …nothing.

Wow. I just added that address and everything is ok. Usdt token at metamask preset wrong or what?

Anyway,ty man) now it’s only problem with tlm

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I got my tlm. Ty one more time) gl

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Same story.
I have successfully had a test transaction - more than two weeks back.
Then application failed, during this gap I was about to receive the funds.
Now both of them are in the buffer with the inactive button “receive”.
I formally have zero balance and can do nothing with that.
Today I re-installed metamask - and here it is: NO TRANSACTIONS in the history. Promised 7 days of support - no answer, funds are LITERALLY disappearing - now no funds in the wallet and empty transaction history. Brilliant, major ETH-interface behaves like a scam!!!

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @Ajem!! :fox_face: :rocket:

When you delete and reinstall the MetaMask web browser extension or mobile app, all of your settings will be removed. You must add them back once you restore your wallet. This includes adding back any RPC networks and custom tokens.

Thank you, dear @bharmon
The issue is: my funds disappeared much before the re-installation.
So, I literally cannot have access to my Etherium. It’s like having a zero-buck wallet which has been full of cash today kinda feeling.
I just do not know what to do and loosing trust to the platform because of the extremely slow and non-precise support.
I transfer funds to ETH to use them - and I cannot do that at all due to some crash happening “somewhere” - and I literally have no tools to restore the funds.
Users should have much more control in this ecosystem. This is a trust isssue, no?

I transferred from my whitebit account to poodl metamask, logged out 4 days ago.