Sending agi from trust wallet to metamask

I want to send AGI to my metamask wallet from my trust wallet. I added the custom token, do I just send it to the ethereum account with the token in it since there is no separate account number or receive button for the token?

Hi grizzle you mean :point_right: SingularityNET (AGI) ?
AGI is etc-20 token :slightly_smiling_face: send on Metamask ETH address
Add Contract: 0x8eb24319393716668d768dcec29356ae9cffe285 :smiley: and token is displayed

Thank you.Now I have another problem. Decided not to stake and sent back to trust wallet. Shows tokens received but 0 balance. No value. Help please.

Try to add the token manually :point_down:

Thank you. That worked i appreciate your kindness!:grin:

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