Sending WBNB to a contract address

I was sending WBNB to may another Metamask account but unfortunately instead of putting the Metasmask address of my other account I have inputted the WBNB contracted address which the transaction push thru. Is there any way i could revert this action? Or can i still recover by WBNB could i have sent it to WBNB contract address.

Transaction Hash is 0xc74a2c6999ead2033ddf5877c5e6c72093b7b50a8494e07395fa728169a99895

I see. Thanks for the advised. Their whatsapp number is +16614594662 correct?

this is a scam, please do not write to that whatsapp

sorry if you sent to contract address, then you lost the WBNB, there is no way to get it back.

i see. thanks for the warning.