Sent BNB to BUSD wallet

Hello guyz, I sent some BNB from metamask over bep20 into a BUSD bep20 wallet (roqqu app) and the transaction was successful. Is anythink what i can do to recover them?

Unfortunately not. If the transaction is successful its irreversible. But if you sent it to your own address, you can just send it back.

but the money did not reflect into the BUSD wallet, this is my problem…

if the blockchain transaction hash shows the transaction as confirmed and the wallet address as the correct one its there. The problem then lies with the wallet app you are using

I use roqqu app for the BUSD wallet, is anything that i can setup there to reflects the money?

You would have to ask the Roqqu team about that, as the issue does not relate to MetaMask. Maybe the BUSD address just needs to be imported into your wallet?

Hope they can help! :slight_smile: