I mistakenly sent my BNB to BUSD


I sent my BNB to BUSD but I just wanted to swap it not send.

Is there a way to revert the transaction? Again, I just want to swap it and not send.

Here’s the transaction Hash ID in bscscan, in case you need to review the transaction history: 0x94d8e313c60aa3ae18e50747aee58e8f0a6c5802a3a868b774ec4b630644ab34


Can you provide your wallet address to check ?


Waiting for your response, Thanks.

With what I see. I can’t find the transaction but have you added the token on your smart chain network ?

I sent it directly to BUSD address. You may check the BSCScan .com to check the transaction history. Please see below HASH ID:


im trying to SWAP my BNB cash to BUSD but i accidentally sent in to it.

Please. Can you help me? :sob:

any update please. thanks

Which address you send it to ?

Here from coingecko site:
BUSD = 0x4fabb145d64652a948d72533023f6e7a623c7c53

According to the website, they charge $229.