Sent DPR on Metamask ETH Mainnet To Metamask Smart Chain

I sent DPR on Metamask ETH Mainnet to Metamask Smart Chain and now I do not see the coin in my Metamask Smart Chain network.

This is the transaction ID:

While the transaction was pending for over 15 minutes because I had set a low gas fee, it would not accept my cancel request.
Is there a way for me to recover the funds so I can purchase DPR on the BSC network?

Hello, you have sent it successfully. What I want to tell you is that any token can only be transferred on the same chain, and the ETH chain can only be transferred to the address of the ETH chain. Unless you use the cross chain function, now you need to switch to the ETH chain in your red address, and you can see the DPR you transferred to

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Thank you for the quick response.
Yes I see that, and that address is the BNB Contract Smart Chain address for Deeper Network (DPR). I added that contact to Metmask, and assumed that when I transferred the funds it would appear in my Metamask Smart Chain network account, but it does not.
Do I need to contact Deeper Network to try and get the funds allocated correctly?

You know your problem. You mistakenly transferred the DPR on the ETH chain to the contract address of the DPR on the BSC chain, which obviously cannot be retrieved. Please remember that under no circumstances can we send the token to the contract address of the token itself, but only to the wallet address. You can try to contact the customer service of the project party of DPR to see if there is a chance to recover your lost token, but what I want to remind you is, In general, it is difficult to find it under such circumstances.

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Correct. I will reach out to Deeper Network to see if they can return the coins.
Thanks for the assist.

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