Sent Eth from Trust Wallet to Meta- Hasnt arrived

Can anyone help or even understand what I am going through? Over 15 hours waiting
Hello community,
I am very new, last night I took a dip with the Meta wallet and got burnt.
I sent eth from trustwallet to metamask wallet by copying the receive code from meta wallet and pasting it to trustwallet to be sent.
It is not showing on my metamask wallet Eth=0. I don’t have a clue what to do. I copied everything correctly.
I looked on etherscan (first i know a bit about etherscan), but it says success. I am confused and trying to keep calm, it was a big step trying to learn about this stuff and I seem to be making mistakes costing me money.

Can my transaction Trust wallet to Meta be tracked down? What do I do?

I would very much be grateful for some help please.

This is my Trans Hash

I grabbed more info from the ethscan, I dont know if any is needed or is more helpful.



I think maybe the Contract??


Interacted with


Filtered by token holder??


I am having the opposite issue. sending eth to trust wallet. Been pending for over 24 hours even after I cancelled it.

Ok, well I dont know what I am talking about but maybe its the same issue. As you cancelled it, does that mean your eth is safe back in your Meta?

No, it is still pending! not sure what to do.

ok well you dont seem to be a newbie such as I. Have you sent eth to your trust from meta before?

I just started using trust wallet and have never had this issue with metamask before.

Ok I was hoping you were going to tell me you do it regularly and this is an anomaly. Then we would know there is a clear issue between transferring funds between these 2 wallets.

We both need someone to help us track the relevant info and instruct how to get these funds.
I read it could take 24 hours sometimes but this is ridiculous.

Hi Fox this is your transaction? :point_down:

your ETH metamask address is: 0x5ec8ba7a842d1571e2a0ce74ec5637dc6c771079 ?

You cancelled your transaction, maybe you have sorted your problem and the funds will return to your meta FINGERS CROSSED. I dont even know how to cancel

I completely agree! Want to start using trust wallet and the bnb smart chain because the fees are much lower than uniswap. I was trying to send my funds from metamask to trust wallet to do that. Now it is in limbo. Sucks!

Thank you Luigi.
Thanks a lot for helping out. So this shows that the transaction took place. Does that mean it is still on its way as it is yet to arrive or is there something i do with this information.

Oh wow… this is hilarious evhildy. I did the exact opposite for the exact opposite reason.
I cant buy something from pancake it is only available on uniswap. I dont think i can use uniswap with the trustwallet as my trust funds were not showing on uniswap. So I thought I would try Meta as the payment must be in Eth. So I made the transfer and now this happens.

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Fox this is Binance Smart Chain transaction

Must adedd BSC to Metamask :point_down: first step

Sorry Luigi,
I was checking if that was my ETH mask address. And it is.

Ok I think you are a life saver. I am going to follow the instructions you sent and fingers crossed that is the solution. Cant thank you enough for your input

OK :slightly_smiling_face: when added Binance Smart Chain

Next step add Binance-Peg Ethereum Token to Metamask :fox_face:

open this page and click on Fox :fox_face:

add Binance-Peg Ethereum Token

PS: be careful :slightly_smiling_face: this is Binance Smart Chain no Ethereum mainnet


Right now I am on the Binance Smart Chain Faucet pasting my wallet address.

I’ll let you know when I reach the Binance Peg part :roll_eyes:

Binance Smart Chain Faucet :smiley: you don’t have to try

Just add BSC :point_right: Network Name: Smart Chain…

Luigi I need to send you a tip!!! And I am serious. you have both helped me and educated me. I cannot thank you enough. My Eth have appeared. You made my day more than yo know.
Allow me to tip you :expressionless:

Luigi the hero has solved my issue, maybe he can be your hero also. I hope your issue is sorted.

Fox now you need some BNB on Metamask address: 0x5ec8b…

and don’t forget this is Binance-Peg Ethereum Token :smile: send only to
page or wallet whit support Binance Smart Chain ( BSC )

my ETH address is: 0xb327869dfAF732908BFD3191E5c78d7C86Adbe63