Sent Eth from Trust Wallet to Meta- Hasnt arrived

Binance Smart Chain Faucet :smiley: you don’t have to try

Just add BSC :point_right: Network Name: Smart Chain…

Luigi I need to send you a tip!!! And I am serious. you have both helped me and educated me. I cannot thank you enough. My Eth have appeared. You made my day more than yo know.
Allow me to tip you :expressionless:

Luigi the hero has solved my issue, maybe he can be your hero also. I hope your issue is sorted.

Fox now you need some BNB on Metamask address: 0x5ec8b…

and don’t forget this is Binance-Peg Ethereum Token :smile: send only to
page or wallet whit support Binance Smart Chain ( BSC )

my ETH address is: 0xb327869dfAF732908BFD3191E5c78d7C86Adbe63

Ok, awesome. I will try this!

Luigi I believe you have sorted my problem. For some reason as a new member I was stopped from sending further messages yesterday. I dont know why they limit the amount of messages people can send. I still have an issue but the main problem is sorted. I did try and send you a little Eth as a thank you, I think it arrived to you but not sure.

Fox YES :smiley: thanks for 3$… By default, all new users can post more than 10 replies:

Hey Luigi, I’m afraid I have the same problem and I dont know how to solve it and if it vcan be solved.

My transaction was succesful it said but the ethereum nowhere to be found. I feel realy stupid.

0x617bc4a6F1FE114b8bcCF1c24428009059DAFE19,txid is 0x5b53803ded430993508a030ac68018351a41c9960b093a92be93014260fc4f83

I really hope you can help me as well.

Thank a lot

Hi Marijn :upside_down_face:

Click :point_right: :gear: Settings - Networks - Add Network

Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Click SAVE

Next step :point_down:

Click :point_right: Add token - select Custom Token and add Token Contract Address:

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Luigi Thank you my Ethereum is now on my smart chain network. How can i change is to my main network so i can use it to buy other coins?

MarijnB next problem :upside_down_face: you need a BNB… Binance Smart Chain use BNB as gas for transaction fees.

O I’m really stupid. Can you explain how to do. Before its all gonde again?

MarijnB I send you 0.001 BNB :slightly_smiling_face: send ETH it to Binance :grinning: and hodl ETH

Homer Simpson ETH

O Luigi I’m sorry. I think I explain it not in the correct way. I received the BNB. The problem is I want to buy Labra. Therefore i have to swap ETH at Uniswap. But Uniswap does not recognize my ETH because it is on the wrong network it says. ANd it is on my Cmart Chain network. If i change metamask to the main network 0 ETH

Send your Binance-Peg Ethereum Token to your Binance acount.
But now withdrawal ETH with ERC20 :exclamation::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: to your Metamask ETH address.

Yes you are the best. It worked. Next question I want to swap ETH to MEMES or LABRA but on the swap sites it doesnt work?

MarijnB your transaction is Pending :grin: you have to wait

Hi, please help me. I lost all my ETH in my Metamask wallet. It’s my first time to use Metamask Wallet. I transferred money from Binance to Metamask Wallet (transaction is successful) after the transfer it never reflected to my Matemask wallet. Upon checking, there was a history of an authorized transfer to different Metamask address which I never did. I didn’t not do anything. I’m just waiting for my money transferred to Matemask Wallet. Pls help me.

Man @Jes :see_no_evil: do not create duplicate messages. Probably they robbed you.

But there’s no interval in the time of transfer. Transfer from Binance to my Metamask wallet is the same time as it automatically transfer to different address.