Sent ETH from Uphold to Metamask wallet but nothing showing in Metamask Wallet

Hello, I sent 2 transactions of ETH today from my uphold account to my Metamask wallet hours ago but haven’t seen the tokens added to my Metamask wallet. Please assist.

Transaction 1:
Blockchain transaction ID

Transaction 2:
Blockchain transaction ID

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Hello @Mfrobers , welcome to metamask community,

The transactions on the etherscan network shows that the tokens are still in the network . All you have to do is switch networks if you don’t have the etherscan network connection on your metamask already .

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Hi, I have similar issue.
Sent Harmony ONE from gateio to Metamask but cant see any ONE in Metamask.
I have already added Harmony Mainnet to Metamask.
The transaction is shown as confirmed on harmony blockchain.
Transaction Hash - 0xecf0068cd605d93ea8f635abe01e2927a26654a43a57aaf70d9c4daa9e76bdcd

Can someone help me with this?

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Hello @Shisunique , welcome to metamask community.

Your have to import the Harmony One contract address into your metamask if you haven’t done so yet . Then your tokens should appear .

Can U plz tell me how to import the contract address? @Stephanae
Thanks for quick support

I really dug deep and learned how to use MetaMask yesterday. So here are the things to check

  1. Make sure your account in MetaMask is set on the right Network. You may have to manually add network via Settings
  2. After you have added or confirmed the correct network, then you need to import the token. If you don’t see the token, then you will need to manually add it. And you need to make sure you have the correct token information for that specific network. For example, The same token may be on two different networks, this means when you import this token it would have different configuration settings on each network

I hope you find this article helpful

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