Sent ETH to Binance using BSC

Hello guys
I´ve sent ETH to Binance but I wrongly put the BSC adress . Already asked for help in Binance with no luck.
¿Is there any chance I don´t loose all the money?

unfortunately it depends on Binance. Since you don’t have control over that wallet. If they don’t want to help you, then it is lost.

to understand correctly, you sent ETH from Metamask ETH20 network to Binance but used the BEP20 deposit address on Binance side, right?

if so it depends on them.

Hello guys
Finally I think I found the answer. I was SCAMMED : [

Automated Malware Analysis Report for N5ug1jDzLV.exe …

It was a Malware that changed the adress I copied.