Sent funds from Binance, still not available on MetaMask

Hello! Sent BSW from Binance spot account to MetaMask wallet
Hash code 0x9937102650fa99243e3f10bd88189847c271e5a5f226377a97a900aaf6c31f71

Funds still not available.


Hello Natalie and welcome to the community.

I see your transaction was successful. I’m thinking one of the following situations will help you to solve the issue you’re having:

If you haven’t added Binance Smart Chain network to your MetaMask wallet, here is an article on how to do it

If you have already added BSC network to MetaMask, and haven’t imported the BSW token in the wallet, in order to see the amount which you sent from your Binance account you will need to import the BSW token contract address on BSC. Make sure you get the contract address from official sources, like Coingecko or Coinmarketcap. Here is an article to help with that information

Hope these help.


As the moderator Chinzilla said, you should add the BSC network in metamask, and then add the BWS contract address: 0x965F527D9159dCe6288a2219DB51fc6Eef120dD1
it already exists in this wallet


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