Sent USDT from MetaMask to Binance ERC20 Wallet

I sent USDT from MetaMask to Binance USDT Walet (ERC20). It’s been past 13 hours. Is there a way to recover the funds?

tx ID: 0x8b1dadd6156fa8eb3963f05093f78d9104ebccd6107a2d1b96478abae04cf6ea

Destination USDT address: 0xa90c5a0bab9933c13d9affa99f3c495e38e0dac5

What did I do wrong?

That transaction doesn’t exist according to Etherscan and looking at your wallet there is no incoming transaction. Last one was 179 days ago in USDC.

I would take a picture of the transaction activity in Metamask wallet and open a support ticket.

i’ve had the same thing happen, shows that the money has gone but nothing at binance end and i have log 2 tickets that have been denied??
hash: 0x0d5b93f8208aae12c46adae88741c881c1d66cf54d3f280d6950465d6a379742
destination: 0x231871055c373daebc10f3a8be59687ad0d9a347