USDT sent from metamask. NOT received in binance

Hi!. I sent my USDTs /TRC20 from metamask (Oasis Emerald Mainnet) to Binance. I can’t see them in binance. Can someone help me please?.
This is the id transaction:
Thanks a lot!


Hello. Are you sure it was sent directly to the Binance TRC20 address?

no sorry, it was sent to the Binance ERC20 address…i’m sure for that.

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Have you checked your Binance to confirm the receive ?

It was two days ago. I didn’t receive in my Binance wallet.

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Can you share your MetaMask address to check ? The transaction hash doesn’t come up on tron scan

Sent on trc20 network right ?

no, no… I was wrong…I sent them on ERC20

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Can you confirm both address again as I can’t find anything and can’t advice either

It’s really strange. I checked both address many times. I can say you that I’ve sent these USDT from metamask on Oasis Emerald Mainnet. Status: confirmed

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Sorry I don’t understand what i have to do.

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You can check with Binance support also

I will check with Binance support!. Thanks a lot!!!

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