"Sent" wrong coin to ETH wallet from MetaMask

I think I made a noob mistake.

So I tried to “send” FTM (METAMASK) to an external ETH wallet (KRAKEN) and obviously is not showing up in the Kraken ETH wallet but the transaction still somehow went through??

I am new at crypto, but my intentions were to send and exchange FTM to an external ETH wallet but I guess “sending” wasn’t the way to do it??

What are my options here in recovering these coins?

Thanks in advance!

Thank you!



The second hash cause I’m a noob and made the same mistake twice LUL

That is correct. My original address I use in MetaMask

BTW thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to help me with this

I already have they are reviewing it now, thank you for your help

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