Sign transaction for a non m/44/60/... address

It’s more than 2 weeks that I’m struggling to find a method in MM to sign a transaction for a different from standard m/44/60 address.

I’ve tried to use Snap and Flask but I wasn’t able to perform it (my technical level is not so high to write a snap by myself and all repo’s that I’ve found on github are not working).

I’ve opened a case in snap forum but they pointed me to the main forum (this one)…is there anyone that could help me on this?

Thank you very much


Hello @John_Smith, welcome to MetaMask community!

Have you checked out MetaMask Docs for Snaps? May contain instructions to build the functionality you are looking for.


There is also an old Feature Request here on the forum, pointing at Flask and Snaps as the solution for such an use case.

Also found some old discussions related to the topic. Not sure if they might be helpful but there are some insights into the derivation path format.


Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately I’ve already read them all but I haven’t come up with a solution yet.

Snap help’s team told me in github discussions that perhaps “there are here a few technical engineers that help solve similar issues” (I’d like to attach the github link of the case I opened there but it seems that I’m not allowed to post links)…is it true?

Sorry for bothering you but I really don’t know what else I can do to retrieve my tokens :-(((


You can post the link broken so it won’t tag it as a link.
Also, what tokens are you trying to retrieve and besides the derivation path solution you are seeking, what other solutions would there be? Need more details from you to understand.


Sorry for redirecting you again, but you may also ask your question in the snaps section of the ConsenSys Discord where our Snaps team is more active:


Ok, I’ll post it on discord then


Hey @John_Smith.

Can you get in contact with our Support team at and click on Start a Conversation button.
You will first chat with a bot but after a few questions you’ll be redirected to an agent.


I did, they’ve just opened a case. Thanks


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