Snaps security audit and production release

Hi, I was wondering what the status is on the Snaps security audit which I know was in progress earlier, and the current ETA for a production release? Thanks.

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Hi could you please share the url where did you see that, did you see it as a gh issue, thanks

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Sorry I can’t post links as a new user but I saw it in another post in here named “Snaps production release” from March '23 and also in a discord discussion I believe.

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I see thanks let me check

@tvb sorry for the wait I couldn’t find anything in gh discussions open/closed about that, could you share more details what was it about. Is it about some individual snap or does it concern all the snaps?

If you are developing a snap and looking for the audit please submit your snap for review here using this form:

It was a security audit for MetaMask Snaps itself, as part of the process of moving it from Flask into a production release. I don’t have any other information about it, sorry.
We are considering building a snap but wanted to wait until Snaps was audited.

Thank you I’ll confirm and let you know, sorry it takes longer due to weekend

You should be able to share the link in here :slight_smile:

@tvb they are published here: Join the MetaMask Security Vanguard: Our Bug Bounty Program
See “July 2023” and “September 2023.” These two audits are for the extension integration and the Snaps API, which make up Snaps.

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