Stop the theft from MetaMask accounts now!

Actual Real Problem:
I am part of a group where some members had their MetaMask accounts swept for all coins and NFTs in a matter of a split second just clicking on a link. This problem simply has to stop now once and for all.

Propper MetaMask Security:
Can you please make a separate phone app for approval of all transactions using MetaMask plus an NFT and Cryptocoin transfer/usage lock in MetaMask.

Phone App:
Its function is every time there’s an transaction on ones MetaMask one have to approve it with the separate phone app using biometrics and a autogenerated code. This way no one can transfer or use ones NFTs and Cryptocoins and they will be secured. We have such an app where I live for all online transaction’s and its more than highly effective.

Separate NFT and Cryptocoin Locks:
Their function is that one can separately lock ones Cryptocoins and or NFTs in ones MetaMask account so that they cant be transferred or used. The lock should then only be able to be opened with an SMS code etc. This will act as an extra security on top of the above mentioned app.