Successful Transaction but didn't receive token


I have success transaction but still not receive token in my wallet.

Could you please help me?

Transaction ID: 0x8da4d4180953e89dc02ea0ab6d0f7cb076d196dd872b1f29eef3267eeff1379d


This transaction was only to approve HEX for trade. When you go to sell for the first time, MetaMask needs to know that you approve the interaction between the contract of the token you are looking to trade, and your wallet. This one is the approval, then next time you hit ‘swap’ it will go through. Be advised you are charged ETH gas for both the approval and the swap, though the approval is generally far less. All DEXes operate this way so it is not exclusive to MetaMask.

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HI Guys,

I HAVE SSAME ISSUE!!! Successful Transaction but didn’t receive token GRV

Take a look! After 3 hours I did, and receive!

My Hash Transaction

Please help!!!