Support for Transaction decoding on polygon or other EVM chains

When developing applications using MetaMask as my primary wallet it would be incredibly useful to have transaction decoding. On the polygon chain (137) its not available. would it be possible to enable it as an experimental feature? This would make smart contract testing more seamless and prevent issues. For example it would prevent a developer from sending funds to a contract when they mean to make a function call. Even if the data isn’t perfectly accurate or it causes bugs it would be extremely helpful feature.

Is there any plan to add such support in the future? Would it be possible for me to add it to MetaMask myself as a open source developer? its such an important security feature that it seems vital in general however as a developer it allows me to troubleshoot much faster.

Hello @Night.Trek, welcome to MetaMask community!

By using MetaMask Flask with the Snaps functionality you can create what you require as a feature for the wallet. You can check on Flask and Snaps here:

Hope this answered all of your questions. I feel it’s the exact response you are looking for. There is no such feature at this moment, except for what MetaMask already offers, but the future looks bright, especially if devs like yourself could get into developing what them and others need.

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