Transaction decoding on Avalanche C-chain?

When interacting with contracts on Ethereum, I can see decoded transaction data for verified contracts by clicking the “DATA” tab when the “confirm transaction” popup is shown.

With Avalanche C-chain, I always see “Transaction decoding is not available for chainId 43114”. I know that the contract I’m interacting with is verified on snowtrace, and the explorer URL seems to be set correctly.

Is this a matter of configuration or something else I’m missing?

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You can refer to this topic here for further information on the matter:

This is the explanation for BSC network, which applies in the case of Avalanche with their chain ID as well.

This error message is generally encountered whilst transferring tokens to destinations that don’t fully support the network they sent from.

‘ChainId 56’ refers to BSC itself. BSC does not support transaction decoding, which is a process the destination uses to derive human-readable information from raw data.


Thanks for the answer @Chinzilla

Do you know how MetaMask does transaction decoding on ethereum network? I assumed it was using etherscan to get the contract source code.

If it is using etherscan, both BSC and Avalanche C-chain have similar explorers that also export source code of verified contracts, so maybe this is something easy to implement on MetaMask? I’d be willing to contribute if someone can point me in the right direction.

In the case of Ethereum network, Transaction Insight feature is what you are referring to, and it is only for ETH network, for the time being.


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