Transaction decoding is not available for chainId 56...please help

i swaped bnb to mcc .
now i want to send mc to my wallet but everytime i try it shows: Transaction decoding is not available for chainId 56

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If you search for “Transaction decoding is not available for chainId 56” you will find some information about it.

But can you see on the network that your crypto has been sent to your wallet ?


Almost the same issue on my side.
Only i didnt realize the transaction
was already executed on bscscan.
But still, i tried it with ADA to BNB via pancakeswap … and i cant get it confirmed from in my MMwallet.
So many problems and issues with trading cryptos on your own than on a centralized exchange.
Its sooo frustrating.
Itsä almost makes me wanna go back to binance,
although i just fled from there.
The people and the community-site here are really :+1::blush: .
But the MM-wallet is beginning to
become a p.i.a for me.
. :see_no_evil:
If my next transaction also doesn’t work easier than all before,
i’ll probably finally quit crypto entirely.
I’m so fed up with all the technical hicks and pits i keep running into.
Its such a loss of time, money, hopes and nerves.
Srry, didnt mean to rant here, but …
all this too complicated crypto-mess has already gotten the best if me.
I missed some good investment opportunities because of all this
all the complicated and failed transaction attempts.

Well … whatever,
I’m still looking for a solution to the
same issue as yours on my end .

The transaction decoding message is not related to any issues with a transaction you are having itself.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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