Problem with sending BSW to Binanace


i dont know because close my window in before session and i don’t know about before topic. If i send second times, so sorry, but it’s very important for me.
Please help me with my wallet in MetaMask - two days ago i try send BSW to Binance and i have a problem with this send because all time is “exected”.
I have communicat Transaction decoding is not available for chainId 56 and i cant cancel this transaction. I need this money… on board…

Hi @Mateusz
Transaction Decoding is Not Available For ChainID 56 is not an error actually, but just a notification to say that the transaction decoding cannot be done for the specific chain. It does not affect the transaction in general.

exected :slightly_smiling_face: you mean executed?


Thanks for answer. I have problem with cancel transaction.
BSW in my metamask but i cant swap to bnb because first in waiting in queue.
I want swap BSW to BNB and this operation is third but first operation “cancel operation” is waiting.
Zrzut ekranu 2022-03-24 o 20.25.28

You also tried this guid? :point_down:

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You are amazing! Thanks for help if i can help You I do it.
Thank You very much and have a nice day, week, month!


@Mateusz I’m glad you solved the problem :smiley: hehe have a nice day.

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