Erro: Transaction decoding is not available for chainId 56

I swap Stadium to BNB with pancakeswat. The transaction appears successfully in but my metamask Stadium still there, I am trying to sell again, but Its say: INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT. And there is the message Transaction decoding is not available for chainld 56.

Below is transaction id
Please, I need help.

Please post in the proper channels.

The " Transaction decoding" error just means that its not a function the BNB smart chain supports. Shouldnt affect the transaction.

Im not sure what the “INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT” was caused by in this case (as the transaction was successful) usually that is an issue with slippage, and the tolerances you set for the swap. Here’s some more info on the topic: Troubleshooting Errors - PancakeSwap

if metamask is still showing it in your possession, the app/extension has probably fallen out of sync. Rebooting the device usually gets the local and blockchain sides of the app communicating properly.

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