Transaction decoding is not available for chainId 56

hello, i transferred MATIC tokens from matamask to coinbase. The transaction appears successfully in bssscan but my coinbase account is not credited. And there is the message Transaction decoding is not available for chainId 56.
Below is transaction id 0x8d9e9a6e223d915445c7b052d4b8ef6c8c237fc58b7b4153339d60671843eaab.
Someone can help me.

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Hey @Jmath, this error message is currently being worked on by the MetaMask team. It simply means that the feature is not supported on the network, and no worries have to be made about your transaction.

However, it does seem like your MATIC tokens were transferred from BSC to Coinbase, and Coinbase does not support the BSC network. This likely means that your tokens have been lost, but you can contact Coinbase team to see if there is anything else they can do for you.


merci pour la réponse


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