Swap Button Is Turned Off

I had ETH in my Binance account. I transferred it into my Metamask Wallet as BNB. Now i have BNB on Binance Smart Chain Network. But i want to swap BNB to ETH. I know that all i have to do is click the ‘swap’ button but it is not available. The warning says, swap is only available for mainnets.
But it is working well on my bf’s account. How can i fix it? I need to swap it immediately.

Hi @raveennightly please make sure you are on the latest wallet’s version 9.3.0 (browser extension), you can update your version by logging out/in

Thank you so much i’ll try it

Hello yesterday i tried to swap mi coins which was shiba inu into usdcoin and de transacción was Approved and i can ser it on ethersacan but

i didn’t recibe my usdcoin and my Wallet still show the amount of shiba that i had but i can’t do noting
Need Help pls