SWAP ZDCV2 to BNB , fee= charge but not completed

I got the problem, with ZDCV2 SWAP, where I swap 5400 coins to BNB and it was succesfull, my ammount of BNB was decreased, But the ZDCV2 remains in my wallet, and the ammount of BNB has not been creited, I paid for the transaction but was not completed

Hey @jkvielma, it looks like there was actually a transfer the other way around, of BNB to ZDCV2. You can see the transaction here :point_down:

could be, in that case my ammount of zdcv2 should increase, and is not the case

It looks like before the transaction linked above, there was a transaction of BNB for ZDCV2 of the same amount :point_down:

yes, when I did used to play the e2w game, and this was the first withdraw from the game that I was trying to swap to BNB in order to reach my ROI, is not much as the coin just falled, but still

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