Swapped ETH for SLP (old?) lost 1200 dollars

Hi, yesterday i swapped 0,5 eth for slp.


It ended up with 1377 slp which is worth 234 dollars, not 1500 dollars… what the actual fudge happened here?

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What is that and how do i locate it?

I have same problem , yesterday I swop 427 USD DLP to usdt
But I got only 1 usd after , and rest is stuch in sonme other account
Can u help me ?
transaction hash

Support? You deleted your own message and then no further answers as to why you stole 1000 dollars and how to fix it?

good day
any solution for this error, try to redeem slp x etherium and did not have enough gas and did not get anything back neither slp nor etherium


Since this is transaction-specific, for your security, please open a support ticket here with necessary info Submit a request – MetaMask
Be aware of scammers and not share your seed phrase-secret recovery phrase.