The usdc coins I sent from the sollet wallet are not visible in my metamask wallet


My name is Ibrahim and I have a problem regarding the transfer between two wallets.

I wanted to transfer 360 usdc tokens from my sollet wallet to my metamask wallet. When the logo of metamask pops out I pressed the logo as I thought there would be a transfer to my sollet wallet.
Then I noticed that two wallets have been merged and I have successeded in transferring 360 usdc to the metamask wallet using the ERC20.
My sollet wallet was withdrawn, but no usdc tokens have appeared
in the metamask wallet. It has been now almost 5 days and when I update the browser it seems that the transfer is in progress, I have added the usdc token to my metamask wallet and also reset my metamask wallet, but nothing happens.

Hopefully, you can help me with this matter?

King regards

Hi Ibrahim, did you solve your problem? I have the same but don´t know what to do.

Hello leandro no my problem is not solved yet.I sent many emails via metamask support but it doesn’t seem to be resolved.I don’t know what to do.Because my transaction doesn’t show up when I search in etherscan