Transfer from sollet wallet to metamask

Hello , I connected my metamask wallet to in order to send usdc from sollet to metamask and althought the transaction was shown as successful the funds didn’t arrive.
Any help would be much appreciated

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Hi Rainbow,

I am experiencing the same issue. Did you get your funds? The transaction looks fine but like you no funds???

Any help would be appreciated,


I think I figured it out and eventually got the transfer, if you need help let me know. GoodLuck!

I had the same issue. Please teach me how to fix it out.

Any help would be appreciated


It appears there is an additional transaction, it may show success when the initial transfer is done from sollet to metamask but you will need to back into your metamask account and approve the transaction. The final transaction will cost you some gas so you have to have some ether in your metamask account.

I got lucky but it worked.

Good luck!

I already approved the gas fee for the transaction. But the USDC did not fill to the metamask account.
I followed every step that’d the app tell me what to do.

  1. Press ‘Send’ on USDC coin and it tell me only Metamask can receive SPL USDC by change from SPL USDC to ERC20 USDC.
  2. Connect Solana wallet and Metamask together.
  3. In metamask showed the transaction fee and i’d already approved
  4. Then pressed ‘Send’.
  5. It showed the box that already connected to metamask then press erc20 usdc.
  6. Enter number of usdc and then press ‘Send’ to completed the order.
    What I did wrong?

I traced in the contract, it went to a wallet (that’s not my wallet) that contain a huge volume of many token.

Thank you for your kindness.

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Just had the same thing happen to me. Solscan even said that transaction went through. Not seeing anything in my metamask wallet. I didn’t have the token created so I did that after I sent but I am not seeing my USDC in my metamask wallet.

Were you able to find what happened to your USDC?

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I just had same issue , so what the solution ?
TOkens already disappeared in Sollet but nothing in METAMASK yet!

thx you

Did u find out the solution ?

I did, thanks for following up!