They accidentally send assets to the wrong address

I need help accidentally sent my axie infinity SLP (SMOOTH LOVE POTION) to an address other than my home address. Please help me get them back.

Same problem here, im waiting for 2 days already, and wallet that i accidently sended all my money started to spend them, i dont know why metamask support cant help us, kidna no idea, for now i lost all my money and cant get them back, its hurst so much man, so much, i hope they cant refund it, or i go cry

Hopefully they help us. I sent a token to another wallet for a number that I misplaced. and I really am very disappointed in Metamask. If it was Binance, I might already have the assets back.

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yeah i hav e no idea, where is metamask support, this uncknown wallet just start to use MY money to buy a tokens, it feels so bad, from myine 550 $ now he have 280 and idk where he sended another ammount, like till i wait for help by metamask he might waste it all, im crying