How to get it back? Sent USDT by mistake to Metamask Swap Router

Hi everyone. Well, this is my first experience with Metamask and the blockchain, and its not going well… By mistake (it appeared auto populated as a recent address), I sent some USDT to Metamask Swap Router contract. Is there any way to retrieve the tokens back?

Thanks for your help, João.

SCAM ALERT !!! How is it possible that the admins let this guy lurk around for so much time???

I have exactly the same issue you need to create a support ticket it is very slow and without a doubt support won’t read your message 1st or 2nd time.
YOu need to make sure they know it is to the Swap Router
This issue is a UX problem why would they auto populate a send address with a received address.

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This is getting ridiculous… 10 days without any answer from Metamask’s support team! How do you intend to scale if you are losing customers due to poor CS from the get-go and have UX designed so poorly that leads people into costly mistakes??

Anyone has been through similar situation and can provide feedback about their experience? I read some posts that Tether themselves were able to return lost funds to some users. Any thoughts on this? Cheers!

An unfriendly note to scammers lurking in the community sending shady PMs: Stay away, you’ll be reported immediately!

Did you eventually get the reply from Metamask? I used the SWAP button and no tokens were received. Sent support messages for 2 days and still no replies.