Successful Transaction but I didn’t receive token after swaping

I use Polygon chain, then swap from USDC (42.56$) to USDT.

but I don’t receive the coins after swaping.

Please help me.

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Hi friend! @VenusDev Welcome to the MetaMask Community Forums.
Did the TX go through? Have you checked your address on and seen if it shows USDT?


You can reach out to the MetaMask support team by clicking on this link . Click on the large blue “start a conversation”.

This will connect you to a bot at first where you have to answer some questions. Afterwards you will be connected to a MetaMask support team member.


Yes, I’ve checked it.

Thank for you care. I’ve make a conversation then sent the information to bot but I don’t see the solution about it.

There is no admin help for me in the email. I’ve been waiting for 6 hours.

Please help me.

It can take some time. Please be patient.


Thank you for your care. I’ll wait for help.

Hi @VenusDev , in addition to what @2Cu4 and @Chinzilla suggested.

Do you have the token you swapped to added to your wallet?..

If not, you can do this my activating the automatic token detection in your setting following this guide:

Or by adding the Polygon USDT token manually:

Contract : 0xc2132d05d31c914a87c6611c10748aeb04b58e8f

Decimal: 6

Token Name/ID: USDT

I hope it helps.


Thank, I’ve added already.

but still not received.

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