Gone my usdt i metamask

hello, my usdt gone from metamask 4 days ago, before i change sonar ping to usdt in pancakeswap and just gone, i dont sent my usdt anywhere, help me pliz`zz

my adress

0x0ecbf5a5ede8f6ae363548781b8c882ac5709d31 why is “out” 0xba298e76324f2f9a506a831f3b9409920dd3c84d

I have withdrawn 197.0575 USDT from Binance wallet to metamask but not received in metamask wallet. Looking forward to test support. How to get USDT to metamask wallet for that transaction?
My wallet metamask address: 0x435E4d29E9a3C1c75649E97D4CaD9cA6160e6565.
TxID: 0x76171fc53feae5d26b7f70654621b904ed6abca71daf2b4844bf3b9b448af015.

Can someone help me find solution in this problem?

This is my transaction hash:

This is my wallet address: 0x6123Ce0f279a800423ebd7B46350902582120164
Issue: When I was swapping using metamask wallet my token ETH (bep20) to USDT (erc20) the transaction was successful. But I did not get any value in my metamask wallet, it is not seen anywhere. I also tried deleting and adding the ethereum network and binance network, its not working. I did not know that metamask wallet doesn’t support any transaction from bep20 to erc20 but my transaction goes through. When I click the token USDT this is the address (0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7) that it got sent when I preview my transaction hash.

my totall balance usdt of metamsk is send to this address, too.;
i dont sent my usdt anywhere.
this acoount is scam and froud?
this transaction dont show in my wallet, but i findeed some informatin for my money,

howis this?

block: 10421414
to: 0xba298e76324f2f9a506a831f3b9409920dd3c84d
tx: 0xb844fc69a31991d1d8241132cfb53aeb786c3162e63853bc1d9e9fc001f96492

How do I get my money back?