No llegaron mis USDT

Good afternoon, this has not helped me to solve the problem, yesterday I made three operations from Binance for Metamask, two from USDT and one from BNB, the one from BNB is reflected in my MetaMask account 0x78579cDaAb00D924cb0D90615Fb08b91a23f4543 and the two from USDT is not reflected. At some point later they were reflected in the account but disappeared, as I can see the operations were done correctly and below I leave the TxID of the two pending transfers.

  1. 0x90f8f8ea85b3954191c9970c5e5154b11f3db0c87bda5e238c999999163579d1
  2. 0x7bd769da510e4668d1784fc96b3cac2b8dbdc1cb7aecc72ccaaf4846f8e9c359

I appreciate what you can help me with since I have been intending since yesterday without any result.