HELP! I transfer USDT from binance to metamask smartchain

I Transfered 50 USDT from binance to metamask, (49,2 on meta ) now i can’t get it back to binance, what can i do ??

поменяй их в панкейк свап на BUSDT и переведи обратно

can you help me do that ?

мой Телеграм - alligatorCCCP

I did the same, did you find a solution?

Can you please explain in English?

good day
sent 100 USDT from my wallet
to the address

but the funds were not credited to the wallet, the correspondence with technical support did not bring any result (it took about 5 hours), they refused to return the funds, they said that the protocols are different.
But when I changed and sent in the wallet, I saw only the USDT inscription, so I sent it. Please help me get them back to my wallet. You are very smart !!!

сб, 1 мая 2021 г. в 04:05, David via MetaMask <>:

I have the same issue and would like to withdrap/swap them.